Sports Event Management Institutes in Mumbai

There are available different management courses like marketing, sports management, event management, food management, hotel management and many other management courses which are depended on different management industry. I would like to say that sports event management is one of the fastest career industries in India. You also see that there are organizing various sports event in India like IPL cricket event, volleyball event, world T-20 cricket event and many other sports event. Sports event management industry provides better career opportunities than other management industry.


Mumbai is one of the best places for student who can make their career in event management. There are available many event management institutes in Mumbai which are offering degree and diploma in event management in Mumbai. Student can take admission in MBA and BBA sports event management courses. Sports event management companies hire sports management professionals for managing a national and international sports event. Sports event management is glamour’s career industry which offers high salary packages according your skills of sports management. You can get job opportunities on national and international platform. Many National and International event management companies are working in Mumbai. Student should try part time job in any event management companies which are offering part time job. Student can get more experience about event management with your courses.


Event Management is Highly Employable Industry in India

This industry has come a long way in the last five years it becomes a multi cores industry. There are working small and big companies which organize national and international events. In 1900s the event management companies had spent up to Rs. 20 Crores , per annum on events. And in last couple of years, all event management companies are spending almost Rs 1800 Crores , per annum.

Event Management Institute

The Event management is really highly employable industry in India. The hospitality industry is growing and dynamic industry which is offering great career opportunities in India. Event management professionals are needed in any kind of business such as entertainment, fashion, finance, government, retail, sports, music and many other industries in India and across the country.

Event manager should have creative mind and skills for organizing a successful event. Event management institute also offers event management courses which include complete knowledge of event management. Event management professionals can get experience and management skills during any live event management project. There are following management skills such as…

  • Organizational skills
  • Technical knowledge
  • Public relations
  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Catering
  • Logistics
  • Décor
  • Glamour identity
  • Human relations
  • Understanding of laws and licenses
  • Risk Management
  • Budgeting
  • Study of all allied media
  • Local and national as well as international events

Event Management of Product Launches

Today most of the companies use product launching event as an innovative trend of marketing which increase your brand popularity. Big brands hire big event management companies for promoting their product in the market. Event management companies organize a product launches events to promote a new product. Event management companies also hire event management professionals who have degree or diploma in event management from a reputed event management institutes. Teams of event management professionals manage all task of any event of product launch. These events give the public and media options to observe information about the product before any negative reviews are given.

event management instituteWhy are Product Launch Events Important?

Most of the companies organize product launch events to introduce the product to investor and other partner. Investors can get more information about new products. Sizes of events depend on size of the company and product. Press conference is another tool of introducing the product but today many companies choose to have big event and invite media as well. Companies must reserve a room for photographer and videographer. They can capture excellent view of product and action of events. Digital media is another option to promoting your event. Big and small companies also promote their product on internet. Today 70 percentage of people uses internet for getting and purchasing any product on the internet.

A Quality Event Management Education in India: Naemd Institute

Naemd Institute

NAEMD (National Academy of Event Management & Development) is one of the Asia’s First & Best Event Management Institute in India. Naemd offers UGC Recognised University degree & diploma courses in event management & practical training in Mumbai, Jaipur, Ahmadabad and Delhi. Naemd Event Management Educators offer quality event management education & training during your management courses. Named Institute established in the year 2000. National Academy Group is a emerging leading education group in event management education industry.

event mangement instituteInfrastructure Facilities

Class Rooms: All the class room are integrated with all facilities like air-conditioned, laptop and LED projectors. Most classrooms have capacity of 60 candidates.

Wi-Fi Campus: Naemd campus having secured private Wi-Fi internet network which offers better connection among all department of Naemd Institute. Student can enjoy latest Wi-Fi technology.

Library: Our library offers thousand of books to student who can enhance their knowledge and getting other general information. Our library having a one of the best library software for maintains a library system effectively.

Event Management Courses

NAEMD offers event management degree and diploma courses which are UGC Recognised Certified courses in Mumbai, Jaipur, Ahmadabad and Delhi.

  • MBA (Master of Business Administration in Event Management & PR)

Duration: 2 Year

Eligibility: Graduate (Any stream)

Classes: 3 to 5 days a week

  • BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration in Event Management & PR)

Duration: 3 Year

Eligibility: 10+2 (Any stream)

Classes: 3 to 5 days a week

  • DAME (Diploma in Aspect of Media, Marketing & Events)

Duration: 1 Year

Eligibility: 10+2 (Any stream)

Classes: 3 to 5 days a week

  • PGDAME (Post Graduate Diploma in Aspects of Media , Marketing & Events )

Duration: 1 Year

Eligibility: Graduate (Any stream)

Classes: 3 to 5 days a week

  • PGDEM (Post Graduate Diploma in Event Management & PR)

Duration: 1 Year (Part Time)

Eligibility: Graduate (Any stream)

Classes: 3 days a week

  • DEM (Diploma in Event Management & PR)

Duration: 1 Year (Part Time)

Eligibility: 10+2 (Any stream)

Classes: 3 days a week


A Bright Future in Event Management

Event management industry offers a great career for students who are having a degree or diploma in event management. They can make their career in event management industry.  I would like to say that the corporate & event management industry predicated to see a 15.4 % growth in job opportunities in the next 5 years. This means that student can get more chances to getting job opportunities in event management industries. Event management professionals get average salary packages in career of beginning. They can get high salary packages after getting 2 to 3 years experience in related field.

Event Management Institute

Opportunities are Available near You

During the past few years several event management institutes are offering various event management courses related to industry. I would like to say that sports event management courses which are available in several sports event management institutes in Mumbai.  If you want to make a career in event management industry so you should get degree or diploma in any specialised courses.  Graduate and post graduate courses are also available in management institutes.

There are available more job opportunities near you. Occasions and event are an important part of human life. wedding ,engagements , social gathering ,  birthday parties , seminars  and corporate event and many other event which we often celebrate at the personal and professional level. You can work as an event manger in a reputed company after having a MBA degree in event management.

You can also work as a public relation executive in different advertisement and media houses as well as tourism sector. There are available many other position such as event coordinator , consultant , junior or senior event manager , Event legal Executive, Event (Budgeting & Finance ) Executive, Public Relation Officer ,  Event Production Head and Event Coordinator, etc.

Wedding Planning as a Career in India

Wedding is one of most important prominent movement in the life. Every people want to make it an enjoyable movement. Wedding planning is a difficult task for every person. Wedding includes various tasks like planning, budgeting, crockery and wedding place booking. There are organizing different cultural task which are depending on different cultural functions. Most of people can’t handle all wedding task with enjoyment. They want to enjoy our wedding part without any stress. Today wedding planning company are offering complete wedding organizing packages. Event management companies’ offers high salary packages for event management professionals.

Event Management Institute

If you want to become a successful wedding planner so you should have an event management degree or diploma in event management. Firstly you should notice that this job is not for those people who want to work 9 to 6. This job is more time consuming job. You have to manage your working time according your client working style. There are available many event management institutes which are offering event management courses. Wedding planning or event management is one of the best career options for the youth.

You know that India is also known as a festival country. There are organizing various event like wedding, festival, birthday party, cultural event and corporate event in India. Event management professionals can make their career easily in India. They can earn more money after getting more experience. They can build up their own business after getting experience. National Academy of Event Management & Development offers quality event management education in different cities such as Mumbai, Jaipur, Ahmadabad and Delhi.

Online Event Management Courses in Mumbai

Online learning is one of the best flexible study options that allow you to study at any time and any place but you should have an internet connection. Without internet connection you can’t connect to education portal. You know that most of the universities or colleges offer complete education facilities like syllabus, application forum, online result, and more information about universities activities. Event management institutes are offering various short term and long term event management courses through online learning system in Mumbai.

online Event Management courses

Online Event management Courses and Career Opportunities

National Academy of Event Management & Development Institute is organizing degree or diploma in event management in India. NAEMD also offers online event management education courses for student who can’t go to school or colleges from any reason. There is available full time and part time diploma in event management. Student can get admission in any diploma for making a successful career.

Online Event Management Courses

  • MBA in Event Management
  • BBA in Event Management
  • Diploma in Event Management

Career Opportunities in Event Management

An event management industry offers great career opportunities to event management professionals. They can make their career after completing event management courses. Naemd Institute established in four cities like Mumbai, Jaipur, Ahmadabad and Delhi. There are following potential career professions like …..

  • Event Manager
  • Event sales coordinator
  • Event Coordinator
  • Exhibitions coordinator
  • Event officer
  • In-house meetings coordinator
  • Conference coordinator
  • Event Planner
  • Meeting coordinator
  • Venue Coordinator