Tourism & Event Management in India

The tourism industry in India is growing very fast so new talented and experienced employees have great career opportunities in India. Careers in tourism have always been popular as they provide the opportunity that is an important part of the India’s economy.

Festivals and cultural events are also an important part of the Indian life. India is also known as great festival country in the world. Indian people celebrate more festivals than other countries. There are organize different range of event from small to major cultural events, and embrace music, theatre , performance ,art, food and wine , heritage , multicultural and indigenous events.

Event Management Institute

Student can make their career in tourism & event management industry. Event management institutes offer different types of courses in tourism & event management like diploma in event management, MBA in event management, BBA in event Management and tourism and event management BA Honours.

A career in tourism & Event Management

  • Event Manager
  • Hotel manager
  • Tour coordinator
  • Hospitality business development manager
  • Retail travel manager
  • Wedding planner
  • Venue manager
  • Winery guide
  • General manager
  • Tour operator
  • Cultural guide
  • Sales manager
  • Reservation sales agent

Student can get more information about tourism & event management career options through internet and many other media. There is available more than one pathway to a successful career.


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