Various Event Management Courses in Mumbai

Today most of the event management institutes offer various event management courses in Mumbai. Many people and student go to Mumbai for living their dreams. Mumbai also know as dreams of city. Student wants to get success in their career. Mumbai is one of the best cities for getting a success in your career. Event management industry is fastest growing industry in Mumbai. There are available many event management colleges which are offering various event management courses. Here we are discussing about various event management courses which are following ……..

Event Management Courses

  • Fundamental of Event Management
  • Special Event Management
  • Event Marketing
  • Event Operations Management
  • Event Sponsorship & Fundraising
  • Strategic Event Management
  1. Fundamental of Event Management

Fundamental of event management is an undergraduate course. This course introduces key concept of event management. It explores the theoretical concept of event management. This course contains different article on international event management process and industry. This is the ultimate course for you. Here you can understand how to event work, why people and companies host event.

  1. Special Event Management

This course introduces theoretical information about different special event like business, sport, and cultural and life cycle event. This course is also available for undergraduate students. The aim of this course is to give student with necessary knowledge and skills to successfully manage different types of special event.

  1. Event Marketing

Marketing is one of most important tool to promote your business or product in the market. Event management industry is also use marketing strategic for promoting successful event. This course includes principles of event marketing and their application in real world setting. This course is also undergraduate course.

  1. Event Operations Management

This course is also undergraduate course. This course introduces various operations issues which affect an event. This course explores such issues as logistics, risk management, crowd control and management, legal documentation and experience design.

  1. Event Sponsorship & Fundraising

This course explores sponsorship issues of event management and develops skills in fundraising, writing grants and placing bids.


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