Various Event Management Courses in Mumbai

Today most of the event management institutes offer various event management courses in Mumbai. Many people and student go to Mumbai for living their dreams. Mumbai also know as dreams of city. Student wants to get success in their career. Mumbai is one of the best cities for getting a success in your career. Event management industry is fastest growing industry in Mumbai. There are available many event management colleges which are offering various event management courses. Here we are discussing about various event management courses which are following ……..

Event Management Courses

  • Fundamental of Event Management
  • Special Event Management
  • Event Marketing
  • Event Operations Management
  • Event Sponsorship & Fundraising
  • Strategic Event Management
  1. Fundamental of Event Management

Fundamental of event management is an undergraduate course. This course introduces key concept of event management. It explores the theoretical concept of event management. This course contains different article on international event management process and industry. This is the ultimate course for you. Here you can understand how to event work, why people and companies host event.

  1. Special Event Management

This course introduces theoretical information about different special event like business, sport, and cultural and life cycle event. This course is also available for undergraduate students. The aim of this course is to give student with necessary knowledge and skills to successfully manage different types of special event.

  1. Event Marketing

Marketing is one of most important tool to promote your business or product in the market. Event management industry is also use marketing strategic for promoting successful event. This course includes principles of event marketing and their application in real world setting. This course is also undergraduate course.

  1. Event Operations Management

This course is also undergraduate course. This course introduces various operations issues which affect an event. This course explores such issues as logistics, risk management, crowd control and management, legal documentation and experience design.

  1. Event Sponsorship & Fundraising

This course explores sponsorship issues of event management and develops skills in fundraising, writing grants and placing bids.


Managing conferences and Events

A successful conference and event is most important for a successful business. Today we can communicate with customer using different platform like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and many other social media websites. We can communicate our views and business opinion in short of time through digital media.

event managementToday live events also known as a traditional tool to promote your business. Live event is a powerful and effective way to improve customer relationship, build loyalty, and strengthen your reputation in the market. A successful event depends on team of event management professionals. Event management professionals should have degree or diploma in event management from a reputed event management institute.

Types of Events

There are countless types of event organizing in India and across the country. This entire event depends on targeted audience and types of business.

  1. Conferences
  2. Seminars
  3. Meetings
  4. Team building events
  5. Trade shows
  6. Business dinners
  7. Golf Events
  8. Press conference
  9. Networking Events
  10. Incentive Travel
  11. Opening Ceremonies
  12. Product Launches
  13. Theme Parties
  14. VIP Events
  15. Award Ceremonies
  16. Weeding Events
  17. Birthday Party Events
  18. Family Events

Different Step of Planning and Execution

Planning is one of the most crucial tasks for every event planner. It takes time, effort, and good project management skills to plan and organize a successful event. Here we discuss some steps bellow to make a successful event.

1. Identify Your Business Goals or Objectives

 It is one of the most important steps in planning a successful event. Firstly you should consider all objective of your business. Which type of audience you want to targeted for your business. You should set your business goals. You know that event require a big investment of time, money and energy for making a successful business event.

2. Identify Your Targeted Market

After identify your business goals, you should make a guest list. You can also use event to promote your business to your targeted customer, existing supplier, and potential business partner that are important to your business.

3. Choose a Time and Venue

You should organize your business event on perfect time and location. Most of the person can attend your event. Event’s venue is most important to your guest perspective. Event location should be safe and well lit, with ample parking and good accessibility.

4. Plan Your Budget and Promotion

 Budget is most important part of any successful event. First of all you should decide your budget of event. It can’t be increase according your budget estimate. You will achieve your business objective in affordable range of budget.

Promotion is another part of your successful event. You can’t imagine your event without promotion. You can use various social media website like LinkedIn, twitter, face book, YouTube and many other websites.

Career in Mass Communication and Media

Mass communication is a course of action to transmission information through different media to large segment of the population at the same time. It is a one of the best courses for students who want to make their career in media industries. It is a best tool to spread the message to the large amount of population. People can communicate their views or opinion through different types of media option.

Event Management Courses

There are available different electronic and print media for transmitting information. Print media is traditional media option in the world but today electronic media reduce the distance between two people. They can share their information thorough electronic media. Electronic media includes various media options like television, radio and internet etc.

The Mass Communication is one of the fastest growing industries with a lot of different career opportunities. Career in mass communication and media provides various career opportunities in different format like journalism, public relations, advertising and social media. Student can build their career in various sectors like print media, electronic media, advertising field, publishing, public relations, research institutes etc.

An event management institute also offers various courses in mass communication and many other event management courses. Some of the courses of mass communication are listed below.

  • G Programme in Mass Communication
  • Courses in film direction , film production and motion picture in photography
  • Diploma in public relation and corporate communication
  • Diploma in advertising & marketing communication
  • Master program in TV Production , Direction & Broadcast journalism
  • Bachelor of Arts in Media & Communication
  • International political communication
  • Medical Journalism Graduate Diploma
  • Digital Media Communications BA Honours
  • Bachelor of Arts in Journalism

Students can make their career in Mass communication Industries. There are available various colleges and universities which are offering all there courses. NAEMD offers various courses of event management, Mass Communication and many other media courses in Mumbai, Jaipur, Ahmadabad and Delhi.

Event Management Education Courses in Mumbai

Event management is a multi-faceted, demanding industry best-suited to creative students who want to work in flexible and competitive environment. Event management professionals should have more skills like flexibility, leadership, communication skills and good personality.

event management courseEvent management course covers everything from public relations to risk management, budgeting to decor, technology to catering. An event manager must have knowledge about everything that goes in to creating an event, from the original idea to the last moment of the event itself. There are several specific categories of event management educational opportunities, including:

  • Sport Event Management education courses
  • Hotel Event Management education courses
  • Tourism Event Management education courses
  • Fashion Event management education courses

I would like to say that event manager plays an important role in a successful event. Every successful event depends on team of management. Without team management you can’t organize any big or small event. Every person of team management works in team spirit. Students enrolled in event management education programmes learn how best to organize different types of events.

Many event management education courses include a practical internship within the curriculum. This provides students the opportunity to develop practical skills suitable for working in the event management industry. Several levels of education are available to students interested in studying event management:

  • Diploma in Event Management
  • MBA in Event Management
  • BBA in Event Management

Students can make their career in different event management course which are following above. Today sports, tourism and fashion event management industries are growing very fast in the world. Most of the event management companies are working in different event management sector like sports, fashion, and hotel and tourism event management industries. You can see that many sports event are organizing all around off you.

Sports event management courses include different sports event management courses like general event management, financial management, management and leadership courses, facility management courses, law courses and sales, promotion and marketing courses. Sports management student can make their career in different sector of sports event management industry which is offering in this paragraph. Tourism and fashion event management industries are connected to each other. Who want to become an event manger firstly they should conform any event management industry where they want to make a career in it.

The study of event management is becoming increasingly popular as is the field itself. Qualified event management graduates are in high demand as today’s society places a high emphasis on leisure activities, and with it, events.

Tourism & Event Management in India

The tourism industry in India is growing very fast so new talented and experienced employees have great career opportunities in India. Careers in tourism have always been popular as they provide the opportunity that is an important part of the India’s economy.

Festivals and cultural events are also an important part of the Indian life. India is also known as great festival country in the world. Indian people celebrate more festivals than other countries. There are organize different range of event from small to major cultural events, and embrace music, theatre , performance ,art, food and wine , heritage , multicultural and indigenous events.

Event Management Institute

Student can make their career in tourism & event management industry. Event management institutes offer different types of courses in tourism & event management like diploma in event management, MBA in event management, BBA in event Management and tourism and event management BA Honours.

A career in tourism & Event Management

  • Event Manager
  • Hotel manager
  • Tour coordinator
  • Hospitality business development manager
  • Retail travel manager
  • Wedding planner
  • Venue manager
  • Winery guide
  • General manager
  • Tour operator
  • Cultural guide
  • Sales manager
  • Reservation sales agent

Student can get more information about tourism & event management career options through internet and many other media. There is available more than one pathway to a successful career.

Various Career Options in Event Management Industries for MBA Professionals?

MBA professionals spend huge investment of time and money for getting a MBA degree. MBA course offers more career opportunities in India and across the country. Today MBA courses are available in various industries like marketing, hospitality industry, sports management, event management and many other industries. Event management is a fast catching up as a hot career option reason being of different elements like glamour, flamboyance and style related with important social and corporate events due to the increasing trend in retail and marketing sector.

mba in event management A candidate can take admission in MBA in event management after completing graduation in any discipline. Most of the event management institutes organize different types of diploma in event management. Students can take admission after completing higher secondary or 10+2 course in any discipline.

Career Options in Event Management

Students can make their career in different sector of event management like planning, organizing, budgeting, behavior of communication with client and many other sectors. Event manager is one of the hardest work profiles in event management industries. Event manager should have following skills like

  1. Leadership qualities
  2. Public relation skills
  3. Marketing and business acumen
  4. Budgeting skills
  5. Risk management ability
  6. Mastery over conceptualising and planning events and implementing the plans

Student could work for event management companies, hotels, leisure, conference and exhibition venues or charities. You can establish your own business of event management. You can also organize internal events for large companies, corporate industries and universities or authorities.

Requirements to be an Event Planner

Event management planner must have phenomenal management skills. Event planners coordinate and manage different types of conference, meetings and parties. Some Event planners work on specific types of event. Here other event planners work on different types of event like wedding event, corporate event, music event and other event. If you enjoy planning, organizing and meeting people so this job is more suitable for you. Event manager plans and control all process of event.

Event Management Institutes

They consult with clients to determine purpose of event, estimated size and budget. Event planner must have excellent organization skills. They communicate with multiple clients in one day so they must be able to keep the details and needs of different types of clients. Event planners must have leadership qualities so they can work as a team of member for getting a success in any event.

Event management planners don’t have any universal educational requirement to become an event planner. You can start a career as an event planner without any specific education qualification. If you want to become a professional event planner so you can get degree or diploma in event management. Event management institutes offer various event management programs like  MBA, BBA in event management. Some event management programs offer specialty of specific event. Student can learn risk management, event coordination and professional ethic through event management programs.